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Nicholas Wyman

Employment expert, CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation, and author of Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need

Nicholas Wyman author of “Job U” presents on developing the skills companies need
  • About Nicholas Wyman

    Nicholas Wyman is an apprenticeship expert and CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation– a group of companies that first started operations in 1982 through the WPC Group. He advises and develops programs for companies such as Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Citibank and Coca Cola on how to recruit, train, retain and “reskill” employees. A hands-on leader in the field, Wyman is dedicated to closing the gap between education and employment around the world.

    In addition to his consulting work,  Wyman speaks to HR departments, trade associations, think tanks, high schools and colleges throughout the EU, Singapore, China, Australia, and the U.S. An engaging and animated speaker, Wyman shares front line stories that audiences can relate to and apply directly to their lives. He has spoken at the International Foundation Conference on Youth Philanthropy in Athens, Greece; the Global Lessons in Apprenticeships launch in Washington, D.C.; the Recharging the Youth Conference in New York, N.Y.; and several private corporate events in the U.S. and Australia.

    Wyman is a regular media commentator whose articles have appeared in various industry journals. He began his career as an apprentice chef in a London restaurant and holds an MBA. He studied at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School. His book, Job U, is a practical roadmap exploring the myriad of unconventional and affordable pathways to fulfilling and rewarding careers. Debunking the notion that a traditional college degree is the best or only path to wealth and success, his book is for anyone who wants to learn how to add value and be valued in tomorrow’s economy.

  • Speaking Topics

    “Skilling Up:” Where to Find Your Next Great Hire

    Are you a hiring manager having a hard time finding people with the right skills to do the jobs you need filled? Or are you an executive or business owner having trouble recruiting people with the skills needed to innovate, grow your business, and compete in a tough economy? If so, there may be one obvious place you haven’t thought to look yet: inside your own organization. Today’s smart companies are finding the valuable human capital they need to accomplish business objectives and get a leg up on their competitors – while saving money on recruiting costs and turn-over - by growing it from within. In this talk, skills expert Nicholas Wyman shares all he has learned from companies like IBM, Siemens, Volkswagen and MGM Grand who have developed their state-of-the-art skills training programs to show managers and HR professionals how to find productive, motivated, talented people for any position without having to look any further than their existing roster by investing in training and developing the talent they already have.

    I’m Not Sure the Traditional 4-Year College is For Me: What are My Other Options?

    In this talk, aimed at high school students and graduates, community college students, and any young person unsure whether they would flourish in a traditional college environment, career mentor and apprenticeship expert Nicholas Wyman shatters the outdated notion that a traditional 4-year education is the best or only path to a well paid, and rewarding career. He then goes on to outline the myriad other educational options – like professional certifications, associate’s degrees, or apprenticeships - that provide job-seekers with practical, technical, and soft skills that companies and hiring managers - in field ranging from IT and robotics, to healthcare and nursing, to mechanics and manufacturing, to food and hospitality, to sales and marketing - are looking for. Then, he shows how to parlay that education into one’s “dream job” in any career. This talk is an essential and informative resource for any high school or community college or high school counselor wishing to educate their student body on how to land meaningful, interesting, and well-paying jobs without the hefty price tag of a traditional 4-year college education.

    People Without Jobs and Jobs Without People: Bridging the Skills Gap

    Today, 14 million Americans are unemployed, while 3.5 million positions remain unfilled. Why? Because businesses can't find people with the right skills to do the jobs they need. Meanwhile, costs are rising exponentially, yet 53% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Geared toward industry leaders, policy-makers, educators, or anyone interested in our collective economic future, this lecture looks at the issues behind this often quoted “skills gap” or as Nicholas Wyman refers to it, the problem of “people without jobs and jobs without people.” Drawing on his work with the organizations, governments, and educational institutions who are pioneering the most cutting-edge solutions to the skills-gap problem, Wyman offers a roadmap for how organizations, communities, and educators can come together to develop the human capital needed to keep our businesses innovative and profitable, our economy healthy and humming, and our nation sustainably competitive in today’s global economy.

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