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Lisa Sanders, M.D.

Assistant clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine and clinician educator in Yale's Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency program

  • About Lisa Sanders

    Lisa Sanders, M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine and a clinician educator in Yale’s Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency program. Dr. Sanders writes the popular “Diagnosis” column that appears monthly in The New York Times Magazine. Her column was the inspiration for the acclaimed Fox television show House (aka House M.D.) that ran for eight seasons (2004–12), and she served as a technical adviser for the show.

    In addition to her role on this popular program, Dr. Sanders has lectured across the country at University of Chicago, Duke, Yale, NYU, Columbia, and UCLA, among others, and appeared as a distinguished speaker at the Mayo Clinic in 2010.

    Although teaching and lecturing about clinical reasoning and diagnostic error is her first love, much of her research and practice focus on the treatment of overweight and obese patients. She is the author of The Perfect Fit Diet: How to Lose Weight, Keep It Off and Still Eat the Foods You Love.

    Before entering medical school, Sanders was an Emmy Award–winning producer at CBS News, where she covered medicine and health; she has also worked as a producer at ABC and NBC News. She lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Speaking Topics

    Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis

    In this riveting talk, Dr. Sanders discusses how doctors deal with diagnostic dilemmas, examining a collection of difficult cases and what they mean for both patient and physician. This lecture touches upon diagnostic errors, the importance of the doctor–patient relationship, the importance of physical exams, and what audiences can learn from these challenging medical quandaries.

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