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Former Hollywood executive and author of The Fourth Fisherman: How Three Mexican Fishermen Who Came Back from the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage

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    Joe Kissack is a speaker, author, screenwriter, film and television producer, publisher, and entrepreneur. His job descriptions cover a wide spectrum, from working on a farm and cleaning out refrigerated beef trucks to serving as a senior executive for a major film studio. His speaking engagements also vary from leadership topics for business conferences to inspirational messages for charities and non-profits. With humility and humor he connects with men, women, and teens covering a wide variety of topics including: leadership, media, arts and culture, relationships, health and spirituality. As a 20+-year veteran of the television, entertainment, publishing, and multimedia worlds, Kissack has a diversified wealth of knowledge and experience.

    Recently, Kissack wrote The Fourth Fisherman: How Three Mexican Fishermen Who Came Back from the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage. With facts that read like fiction, he recounts how his life miraculously intersects with three fishermen who were rescued after being adrift at sea for over nine months. The experience brings into sharp focus the price of success—and the boundless power of faith.

    His recent speaking and media engagements include Home Depot, Northern Illinois University, University of Georgia, Golf Nation, Norcross Fourth Fisherman Festival, North Shore Straight Talk, Ingram Book Company, Strategic Business Leaders, Atlanta Day Shelter for Women, John’s Creek Business Association, Barrington Men’s Association, Men of Mt. Vernon, On Track Leadership, Atlanta CEO Luncheon, Christian Authors Guild, Tony Dungy’s All Pro Dads, Focus on the Family, Dow Jones Business, 700 Club, and Hour of Power.

  • Speaking Topics

    How three Mexican fisherman came back from the dead, changed my life and saved my marriage

    How his newfound faith was strengthened by tracking down three Mexican fishermen who were lost for nine months, drifting 5,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean with only a tattered Bible and their faith.

    The Exhausting Chase of Ambition and Success

    What every college student needs to know about the real world. Hear Joe’s story about how he made it to the top as an executive vice president of Sony Pictures Television. He rode the tidal wave of the American Dream. He also discusses risk and the illusion of success.

    Knuckleheads & Women Who Put Up with Men

    A "de-construction project" of how men get to be the way they are without knowing what they don’t know. Understanding this changes everything.

    Reinventing Me Is More Than Just a Resume

    How professionals—who are struggling to cope with a new normal—must reinvent themselves by finding a new passion and purpose.

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  • Praise for Joe Kissack

    Joe is an amazing speaker–his story is an inspirational guidepost that almost anyone can relate to. He’s compelling without lecturing, a guy whose empathy for the human condition shines through with humility, grace, and humor.

    John Davidson

    Joe is one of the most dynamic personalities I’ve ever met. Combine his personality with his amazing story and you’ll have a most memorable speaking engagement. If you’re looking for someone who can wow a crowd from 5 to 500 – Joe is your man.

    Fourth Element

    Joe is an engaging speaker whose story is rich with the ordinary and extraordinary. His own struggles are woven within his spiritual journey that brings him closer to God and his family. He is a storyteller of the best sort: inspirational, authentic and humble.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Amazing! I can honestly say I have never seen our guests leaving any of our luncheons with the looks on their faces that I saw that day. I could tell they were walking out of that room already examining their own hearts and lives, especially the men. I think you hit a nerve of healing. You have inspired me through your words at the luncheon and through your words in the book.

    Dunwoody Business Network

    Praise for The Fourth Fisherman

    Faith and hope unite the unlikely stories of Mexican fishermen lost at sea and an American television executive even more profoundly lost in his affluence. You’ll be inspired by this passionate tale of intertwined lives, touched by the author’s unvarnished honesty, and challenged to trust God in fresh ways. Here’s an adventure story that may well launch you on your own new adventures with God.

    Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author

    We love this message. Joe weaves together two stories with the same central theme, being lost and adrift, and tells how one thing—faith in God—provided each of the four fishermen the courage and comfort to face the next day and its uncertainties and ultimately led them safely to shore. These are the stories that we hold tight in our memories—when days seem so uncertain and doubts scream at us that we’ll never find the shore.

    Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, best-selling authors of For Women Only and For Men Only
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