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Irwin Redlener

Physician and advocate for public health and disease

  • About Irwin Redlener

    Dr. Irwin Redlener is the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. He is also associate dean for Public Health Advocacy and Disaster Preparedness and Professor of Clinical Public Health and Pediatrics at the Mailman School of Public Health. In 1987 along with singer/songwriter Paul Simon, he co-founded the Children’s Health Fund, a nongovernmental organization that provides mobile health care to some of the country’s most medically underserved communities.

    Dr. Redlener is the author of Americans at Risk: Why We Are Not Prepared for Megadisasters and What We Need to Do Now. In the book, he draws on his broad experience as a pediatrician working with mobile emergency units for children and adults, on his time making recommendations to legislators about the vulnerabilities of children to biological and chemical agents, as well as on his regular meetings with Tom Ridge, former director of the Department of Homeland Security, over a period of four years. Dr. Redlener feels that, since 9/11, Americans have made the mistake of putting all responsibility into the hands of government and official agencies to plan for and prevent potential catastrophes. In Americans at Risk, Dr. Redlener outlines a plan of how the public, as individuals and as families, can be informed and prepared, which he feels would go a long way to averting (or at least mitigating) a large-scale disaster.

    He has addressed corporate executives and other leaders on the subject of disaster preparedness.

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    Megadisasters and Preparedness: What We Need to Know Now

    Categories: Healthcare + Medicine
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