David Zinczenko

Author of the bestselling Eat This, Not That! series and Men's Fitness editorial director

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    David Zinczenko is the author of the 8-million-copy bestselling Eat This, Not That! franchise and the New York Times bestsellers The Abs Diet and The 8-Hour Diet. His latest book, Eat It to Beat It, is an invaluable, illustrated, expert tour of the best and worst foods (brand names and restaurant offerings alike) to help readers address six common health concerns, from weight to heart health. Using his signature intelligence, wit, and eye for presenting information in a way that gets people talking, Zinczenko has developed an engaging series of lectures based on Eat It to Beat It that empower audiences to take charge of their health choices to enact positive, lasting change.

    A prominent leader in the health and wellness industry, David Zinczenko is currently the ABC News nutrition and wellness editor, the consulting editorial director for Men’s Fitness, and a consultant for American Media Magazines (AMI). Previously, Zinczenko served as the award-winning editor-in-chief ofMen’s Health, as well as the editorial director at Women’s HealthPrevention, Best Life, and Organic Gardening magazines. David Zinczenko is also a known television personality and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey ShowThe Ellen DeGeneres Show20/20, The Biggest Loser, Rachael Ray,and Good Morning America.

  • Speaking Topics

    Eat It to Beat It

    An in-depth tour of the average American Diet
    In this keynote David Zinczenko uncovers shocking food truths and ingredients found in many common brands. Zinczenko illustrates how asking the right questions can help individuals and families make smart choices for their health and wellness.

    Eat This Not That

    How a simple food swap can change your life and your waistline
    Restaurants are increasingly offering healthy alternatives to customers, but seemingly low-calorie alternatives are often bursting with fat, sugar, and salt. In this lecture David Zinczenko outlines easy tools to help consumers make smarter and healthier choices about the foods they love.

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