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Cheryl Dellasega

Relationship counselor and expert on peer bullying

  • About Cheryl Dellasega

    Cheryl Dellasega is an expert on relational aggression, a form of bullying used by females, and has made many national and local television appearances—including NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America—as an expert on the subject. Dr. Dellasega’s speaking, writing, and teaching offer essential insights into the different conflicts that arise within the context of female friendships and family relationships. She is the author of six books on issues affecting women: When Nurses Hurt Nurses, Mean Girls Grown Up, Surviving Ophelia, Girl Wars, Forced to Be Family, and The Starving Family.

    As the founder of Club and Camp Ophelia, Dr. Dellasega has helped diverse groups of girls confront and overcome relational aggression (RA). Her expertise in the world of girls has led to frequent requests for her training workshops for teachers, therapists, and other adults who work with young women. In addition, Dellasega’s resources for girls have garnered appreciation and praise from organizations across the country.

    As a Professor of Humanities in the College of Medicine and Professor of Women’s Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Dellasega is actively involved in medical education—teaching, research, and leadership—and conducts research on psychosocial issues.

    She lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where the five local, thriving chapters of Club and Camp Ophelia often invite her to drop in for a session. Since 2005, she has collaborated with Anne Einhorn, MSW, on a theatrical version of Club Ophelia; you can read about the project in New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams, found at

  • Speaking Topics

    Online and Real-Time RA Among Girls/Online and Real-Time RA for Women

    RA is relational aggression, or the type of nonphysical bullying that nearly every woman will encounter at one time or another. This lecture presents strategies for both dealing with, and ultimately avoiding, bullies of all ages in the context of educational, organizational, or corporate settings.

    The Relationship Bootcamp for Girls / The Relationship Bootcamp for Women

    A creative combination of didactic and experimental activities help participants overcome bullying, social anxiety, and low self-esteem. This workshop can be tailored to accommodate specific audiences such as nurses, adjudicated teens, and others.

    Press On: How Women Succeed In and Out of the Boardroom

    While women are being encouraged to “lean in,” the notion of “pressing on” is more action-oriented and uses a variety of resources that help women identify and achieve their passion—on the job and at home.

    Spite in White: Nurses and Relational Aggression

    Is the caring profession really caustic and cruel? This presentation looks at how nurses help and hurt each other and suggests strategies to overcome a toxic nursing environment.

    Resolution Through Narrative

    Having taught and researched the impact of narrative on health, the healing value of stories is apparent. Under the right circumstances, creating a narrative can help begin the process of resolving big and little problems.

    The Starving Family: How Eating Disorders Impact Parents, Siblings, and Others

    This talk is a one-hour discussion of how anorexia and bulimia of girls and boys affect their family members, using real-life stories, identification of issues, and potential strategies to deal with them.

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  • Praise for Cheryl Dellasega

    Praise for Surviving Ophelia

    Thank you [Cheryl Dellasega] for showing mothers everywhere that we are not alone in our struggle to help our daughters... Surviving Ophelia is mesmerizing and the truth of its stories resonates.

    Sue Wellman, President, The Ophelia Project
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