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Ben Foss

Entrepreneur and inventor of the Intel® Reader, dyslexia advocate

Choose Strength not Shame: Ben Foss at TEDxSonomaCounty
  • About Ben Foss

    Ben Foss is the Founder of Headstrong Nation®, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the dyslexic community, a prominent disability rights leader, author of The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, and the inventor of the Intel Reader®, a device CNN called “too ground breaking to ignore.” The Intel Reader® is a mobile device that takes photos of text and reads it aloud on the spot to people who have difficulty with text, creating what Ben calls “a ramp into a book.” As a speaker, Foss connects with audiences on a personal level, inspiring and empowering them to connect with their inner entrepreneur and use those skills to realize their full potential.

    Identified as a dyslexic at the age of eight, Foss became successful by developing a unique approach to his disability. After years of hiding his his dyslexia, he challenged himself to use it as a bridge to the rest of the world, realizing that if he thought of himself as being “from dyslexia,” he could integrate his history and harness his strengths. As a compassionate and skilled speaker, he shares this message with Fortune 500 companies, human resources and public policy organizations, and colleges and universities across the country.

    Foss graduated from Wesleyan University, where he received the prestigious Truman and Marshall scholarships. He also earned a JD/MBA from Stanford Law and Business Schools and was hired by Andy Grove, former CEO and chairman of Intel, to develop technology for people with disabilities. He has been featured in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalFox Business News, and on ABC, CNN, and the BBC. He also appears in the HBO documentary Journey into Dyslexia.

  • Speaking Topics

    The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

    How schools, employers, and families can integrate dyslexia and be successful

    Diversity and Workforce Development for Human Resource Managers

    Looking at the power of inclusion

    Education and Public Policy

    Building Better Business

    Entrepreneurship in Fortune 500 settings

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  • Praise for Ben Foss

    The student assemblies were just what we had hoped they would be!  They really liked hearing from Ben and his Q & A session was right on target. Ben did a beautiful job of taking a personal question and making it relevant to the entire audience. He has sparked a lot of conversation among our faculty and students. We loved having him!

    Churchill Center & School

    Praise for The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

    This extremely practical and motivational book will be welcomed by parents of dyslexic children.

    Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

    As someone with a learning profile that made school tough, and as a parent, I know kids needs the right support. Ben knows how to get access to education because he's been through it. I was thrilled to read this book. It offers a wise collection of insights that are both practical and touching. Buy it today if you want a get a plan for your child.

    James Gandolfini, actor

    As an educator with forty-two years of experience, with half of those supporting dyslexic learners, I cannot think of a more valuable and insightful resource for parents and teachers to empower dyslexic kids. As a dyslexic adult myself, and the Head of an independent school for dyslexics, I know Ben's wisdom is dead-on and I recommend this to any parent.

    Muir Meredith, Head of School, Westmark School, Encino, California

    This is the book we have been waiting for, synthesizing the head and the heart issues in dyslexia. Our organization supports millions of parents of kids looking for information on dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities each year; Ben's step-by-step guide will become a go-to resource for them.

    James Wendorf, Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities
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