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Amy Bloom

National Book Award finalist and critically-acclaimed bestselling author of Away, Where the God of Love Hangs Out, and Lucky Us

Amy Bloom at Harvard Bookstore
  • About Amy Bloom

    Amy Bloom is the critically-acclaimed bestselling author of two novels, three short story collections, a nonfiction book, award-winning essays and a children’s book. Her latest novel Lucky Us was published in Summer 2014 and earned Bloom the title of “America’s Victor Hugo” (The Washington Post). Her story collection Come to Me was a National Book Award finalist and her novel A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You was a nominee for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her novel, Away, was hailed as a “literary triumph” by the New York Times and named one of the best books of the year by more than ten newspapers. Bloom’s celebrated short stories have been featured in the The Best American Short Stories and The O. Henry Prize Stories, and her nonfiction work has garnered her a National Magazine Award and has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, The Atlantic Monthly, Slate, and Salon.

    A practicing psychotherapist for 20 years (that is, after being a waitress, a bartender, an actor, and a peanut-picker), Bloom has an acute understanding of human nature and an ear especially attuned to the internal and external voices of the characters in her books: “I spent my professional life exploring the gap between what people said and how they said it, the chasm between what they felt and what they said they felt,” she has said. She inspires audiences with her trademark wit and eloquence, and her talks blend topics from her research, creative writing, and professional and personal experience.

    Bloom lives in Connecticut where she’s taught at Yale for the last decade.  She is currently Wesleyan University’s Writer-in-Residence.


  • Speaking Topics

    Lies, Memories and Other Research

    As the author of both fiction and non-fiction works, Amy Bloom understands the vital role research plays in advancing a story and illuminating characters. In this lecture she looks at the purpose and challenges of research in creative writing – how it is done and how historical fact can change fiction, and even sometimes the fiction writers themselves.

    21st Century Love: What's Better, What's Worse?

    Reflecting on expressions of love in literature of the past 2,000 years, and how love is represented in her own work and life, Amy Bloom explores what has changed, what has not, what we have learned, and what we should never forget. From pastoral ideals to romantic love, from arranged unions to online disasters – the story of love has evolved. But whether between a man and a woman or between two of the same gender, the mysterious force of love endures, fascinates, and will forever be the catalyst to many great stories.

    The Library Will Save Your Life

    Amy Bloom’s love affair with libraries began at a young age, as they became a place for the writer to pursue knowledge, and ultimately happiness. Home to not just great stories and information, Bloom values libraries as defenders of our civil rights and as great equalizers within communities. Amy Bloom concludes this lecture with a reflection on what it means to become a reader, how to get the most out of a book at any stage of life and how to find books that will entertain, move and change readers all at once.

    Becoming a Storyteller

    As a psychotherapist, Amy Bloom has spent a lot of time listening to people, and has become especially intrigued by the gap between what people say and what they truly feel. In this lecture Amy Bloom talks about how important listening is to storytelling and why it does not bother her that writers sometimes lie…

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  • Praise for Amy Bloom

    “I’ve been here more than 20 years and have many wonderful memories –  Ms. Bloom’s visit is at the top of the list.”

    Long Branch Free Public Library

    Praise for Lucky Us

    Lucky Us is a remarkable accomplishment. One waits a long time for a novel of this scope and dimension, replete with surgically drawn characters, a mix of comedy and tragedy that borders on the miraculous, and sentences that should be in a sentence museum. Amy Bloom is a treasure.

    Michael Cunningham

    Praise for Away

    Away is a modest name for a book as gloriously transporting as Amy Bloom’s new novel. Alive with incident and unforgettable characters, it sparkles and illuminates as brilliantly as it entertains...Away is a literary triumph, a book-club must and a popular novel destined for wide readership. It is accessible to the point of pure enthrallment without compromising its eloquence or thematic strength. Yet it is also a classic page-turner, one that delivers a relentlessly good read.

    The New York Times

    Outstanding…A sweeping saga of endurance and rebirth. Encompassing prison, prostitution and poetry, Yiddish humor and Yukon settings, Bloom’s tale offers linguistic twists, startling imagery, sharp wit and a compelling vision of the past. Bloom has created an extraordinary range of characters, settings and emotions. Absolutely stunning.

    Publishers Weekly (starred review)
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