Ken Segall on the Power of Simplicity

Ken Segall is one of the most admired creative executives in the marketing industry. He offers compelling insights into how business leaders around the world defeat complexity and work the Steve Jobs way.

Meet Nathan Hill: Debut Novelist of THE NIX

Nathan Hill’s debut as a published writer was fearless and bold. His book, The Nix, wowed critics nationwide and earned Hill comparisons to literary greats such as Thomas Pynchon and…

Meet Our Speakers at AWP 2017

The Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau is proud to be a Literary Partner of the 2017 AWP Conference in Washington, D.C. We will be showcasing some of today’s brightest literary…

Best Books of 2016

As we near the end of 2016, we’re proud to see many of our speakers on this year’s “best of” lists. Below you will find a compilation of some of the…

Speakers at 2016 First-Year Experience Events

We’re celebrating another wonderful year of successful First-Year Experience events! Take a look at some of this year’s popular book selections and speakers hosted by programs across the country. Emily St….

Speakers on Civil Rights and Social Justice

Civil rights advocacy and social justice reform are some of our nation’s most important issues. From legal visionaries to Civil Rights icons, our speakers take on our justice system and dismantle social…

Our Speakers on Resiliency

From writing fiction to serving in the military, our speakers’ inspiring stories demonstrate how resiliency is a fundamental skill for both personal and professional growth.

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