Our Speakers on Resiliency

From writing fiction to serving in the military, our speakers’ inspiring stories demonstrate how resiliency is a fundamental skill for both personal and professional growth.

Regional Speakers: Exploring Local Themes

Many of our speakers frequently write and lecture about places that are meaningful to them—exploring the charms and peculiarities of well-known states and cities.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Touching on personal experience, scientific research, and political climate, our speakers reflect on the multifaceted nature of mental health today.

Celebrating National Poetry Month

To celebrate poetry’s vital place in our culture, we are proud to highlight a collection of our award-winning poetry and spoken word speakers.

Awards For Our Speakers

Our speakers won in major categories of the 2016 Indies Choice Awards and T.J. Stiles took home his second Pulitzer Prize.

Meet Our Speakers At AWP 2016

The Speakers Bureau is a proud literary partner of the 2016 AWP Conference in Los Angeles. Join us for a special event with three genre-bending authors!

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